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Map Database


Here is my small map Database of just my favorites, and my personal ones.  It would take me too long to upload all the maps I have so I'm just doing mine, and my favorites.  Here ya go!

UPDATE:  I am goign to revamp this section of my site.  I am goign to add pictures for each map, and change the background to more fit this header.

Favorite Maps Made by Others


 Name of Map Author .scm/.scx
 Ant Hillzz 1.0 Fixed OperationMystic .scx
 Capture The Starport AirPv )D(CoNcEaLeD .scx
 Crash RPG InSaNe PerfecT Fi -[HM]-PsYcHo21 .scx
 I will NOT START Pussies .scm
 Offensive Strike V5.0 SentryIII .scx
 Protect Your Bunker  .scm
 Risk Marines - mem  .scx
 Scourge Chase  .scx
 Storm the Fort v1.9Dragoon-elf  .scx


Here are my favorite UMS maps to play made by others.

ADUN Campaign

Name of MapDifficulty (Out of 10).scm/.scx
 Prologue 0 .scm
 Adun's Temple 3 .scx
 Betryal 2 .scx
 The Battle of Rosewood 5 .scx
 Back Up 2 .scx
 More Back Up 5 .scx
 Delivery 5 .scx
 Another Delivery 4 .scx
 The Killing of a god 6 .scx
 Revenge Of Adun 2/8* .scx
 The End of Adun 11 .scx
 The End of Adun 2P 10 .scx
 Epilogue 0 .scm
 Nuke the Whales BONUS MAP .scx
 Read Me Information .doc


 *2 if you choose the cheap way of just loading your drop-ship with the emmiter then sending it down to the beacon with a few other air-units to distract fire. 8 if you do it normally.

These maps are made by me and fit into a campagin.  The number in front of the file is the order you should play them (top to bottom here).  I know there are spelling errors, get over it.  If you find any bugs e-mail me at or whisper me in the game and I will fix it.  I am working on a two-player versian that will be comming out later.

UPDATE: I am not making the two-player versian since I found that only a few levels translate well into 2-Player, and the last level two-player versian drops your allie after around 20min, and I can't figure out why.  I am still working on this though.

Maps By ME


Name of Map  Type Description .scm/.scx
 Battle Over the Endless PIt UMS An older UMS of mine where you have to defuse three Zerg bombs.  I have fun with this one once in a while.  Its short but fun. .scx
 Gods of War UMSOriginal idea by Eric Dodds.  Three players, each have special abilites.  Zerg- whenever they have the least amount of untis they gain a ling untill they no longer have the least amount of units.  Terran- every certain amount of kills the get a hero or heros to help them.  Protoss- they can teleport around the map. .scx
 Gods of War ICE UMS Same as above but in ICE tileset. .scx
 Gods of War Twilight UMS Same as above but in TWILIGHT tileset. .scx
 Kerrigan's Epitath UMS A semi-recent map of you and two buddies trying to take down Kerrigan with pre-fab bases ready for you. .scx
 Nazis in the Future UMS Older scenario map I made not very good but fun for a quickie. .scm
 Nuke The Whales! More Paths UMS A new twist on the old classic.  The classic gameplay is still ther but with a ton of add-ons.  Hope you enojoy it! .scx
 Nuke The Whales! 2009 UMS A new twist on the old classic. Same as above but with a different tile-set and different paths. .scx
 OverMind Over Matter UMS INCOMPLETE  Going to be a game-show esk game where you try to kill the non-hallucination surrounded by hallucinations. .scx
 The Fight for Life & Greed Melee I really really really like this scenario.  I think it's alot of fun, made it was I was younger though. .scx
 Bad Boys Melee I actually really like this map.  Its a long top to bottom map.  Again this was made along time ago in my lesser days of map-creation. .scm
 Rare Melee A horrible map where each person is given a signficantly bad position with their minerals and base-build space.  Sorry :). .scm
 The Five Winds Melee A map I made a long time ago, each person is seperated with different base situations giving each starting position an intersting twist. .scm
 Jungle Fight TVB Another map I made a long time ago.  I still have fun with it from time to time. .scm
 Gods of War Melee Melee versian of my map Gods of War. .scm
 Tutorial Melee A map I made following the tutorial .scm
 The Dividing River Melee Simple, plain. .scx
 Flooded Snow Planes Melee Complex, varied. .scx
 Eden Melee A map my friend made.  He is long gone now, wish I could find him again. .scx
 NeoPerpetual Melee My newest map.  The expansions have gas-rich on one side and mineral-rich on the other, with doodads stopping you from building in the center, so when you expand you have to decide which you want more, gas or minerals. (This is the first map I have made with an editor that wasn't the original. .scx

Here is a map of NeoPerpetual.  FYI it's called NeoPerpetual because Perpetual was created with the original editor and as you can see you can't get those kinds of bridges with the original: (2)NeoPerpetual.bmp

 Here is a collection of maps I made, hope you enjoy




 Name of Map Tileset .scm/.scx
 Trinity Islands Jungle .scm
 Trinty Islands (J) Jungle .scm
 Trinity Islands Winter Ice .scx
 Trinity Islands Winter (J) Ice .scx
 Trinity Islands After War Ash World .scm
 Trinity Islands Poluted Desert .scx
 Trinity Islands Poluted (J) Desert .scx
 Trinity Islands Recreated Space Platform .scm
 Trinity Islands Recreated (J) Space Platform .scm


These maps are all mirror maps (maps of the same layout on different tile-sets) of a map I have created that is old but I think freaking cool.  It is meant to be a 4 player map.  This map is extremley simple to look at but has many facets too it.  Each area has all the minerals and gas you'll ever need so there are no expansions.  Each area has a large area to build on but if you go past your little protective clove you can have even more area to build upon but you are more exposed.  You have your own little area and a person close to you and two others far away.

Melee & FFA- The starting locations cause you to generally be wearing down your closest enemie, while you can expect the other two enemies to be doing the same to each other.  The distance gives you a decisoin to make, keep your units at your base and attacking your near-by enemie and be able to defend from his attacks.  Or take a risk and attack your further enemie putting a double attack on him (his close enemie and you) and try to take him out risking your base from your near-by enemie.  Also if several people choose to the latter at the same time thigns can get hectic and you can trick one of your enmies into thinking his close enemie is a race that he isn't as they would exepect the first person to attack them to be the enemie right next tot hem.

TVB & Melee Allying- If your ally is next to you you can expect for a longer-game of which you will really be utilizing the open-spaces and few obsticalls in along the middle of the map.  If your ally is on the oppoisit side of the map it is harder to provide reinforcments so you enime will be surprized if reinforcments arrive creating chaos and perhaps over-compensation from your enemie's ally.

These are more than a few things that could happen with this map, I feel that it is very flexible and is great.  There are two versians in each tile-set.  One with bridges(J) and one without creat a large island map of 3 islands (hence the name).  I prefer to play with bridges.

Without bridges- the top rigth and bottom right are the only ones who can attack each other without transportatoin or air units.  This can cause a main area of combat if your ally is not in the top right and your are on the bottom right or visa-versa.