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Hi there, this is my Campaign that I've been working on for years now.  You can download it in my Map Database page.

It takes place within the four years between SC:BroodWar and SCII:Wings of Liberty.

Campaign is not constructed traditionally with each race having its own set of missoin before going on and putting the player in the reings of another race.  This Campaign focus mainly on an event that happend with the Protoss that effects the entire StarCraft universe, while also giving you Terran as playable sparatically during the Campaign.  Zerg is never playable but does make an appearance.

The Campaign is 10 levels long with 1 bonus level a prologue and an epilogue.

(FYI that image above was done with very small 1s and 0s of different colors, cool huh?  So is the background image if you can see it [it's Mengsk and a female Ghost])



Three years have passed since BroodWar.  The Protoss are struggling with their new way of living.  Zeratul has not been heard from and Artanis is looked to by all the remnants of Auir, and with the loss of Raszagal, by the Dark Templar.  The templar have learned from each other and disagreements are rare.

One of the biggest disagreements that did happen was the choice to colonize Bel'Shir a year after BroodWar.  With the Zerg mysteriously dissapeared, save for the ones on the Shakuras' moon which apparently Kerrigan had decided not to gather into her Hive, and the Terrans growing stronger the Dark Templar want to focus on military progression.  While most Protoss agree to this, a large amount wanted to go to Bel'Shir and colonize it as a "Shrine World" while also growing stronger in military statues.  The Dark Templar wouldn't budge from their military-only mindset but recognized that they were all free people now with no universal will such as the Conclave to force them to do their will.  So a large amount of Protoss left with the blessing of Artanis and the Dark Templar to go and take up the project of creating a "Shrine World" to honor the Protoss warriors who fell. The Protoss who left made it clear that they were not leaiving for good but would stay in contact and still attempt to make advacnes in military.

The Protoss on Bel'Shir are in the Mackhan System which is considerably far away from the system of which Shakuras is in, yet the Protoss keep in constant communication, and any Protoss that has embraced the Khaydarin crystals and the Khala are alwyasin a form of contact. The Biggest provicne in Bel'Shir is the Stadium of the Temples which houses most Protoss living quarters.  Most of the temples and Shrines and Memorials have been consturcted and the Protoss on Bel'Shir have focused on their Military as they promised.

The Protoss fleet that was traveling to Bel'Shir happened upon a Terran armada.  They prepared for combat for Terrans have not been friendly of late, and suprisingly the Terrans did not run at such a vast fleet of Protoss Warships but instead hailed them.  One of the higher-ups, Hekouhe met the Terrans on their flag-ship Cruiser and discussed many things with the Terran commander, Snider.  Snider had recently gathered many Terrans who had a common mindset of finding a peacefull place to settle.  Hekouhe and Snider quickly reached an alliance of which they both sincerley meant to keep.

It is now three years after BroodWar and the Protoss on Bel'Shir have a considerable standing army of which they plan to soon ferry back to Shakuras to prove that they've kept their promise.  It is early in the morning and you are Hekouhe and you have been summoned...




Species: Protoss

Age: 436

Ancient Protector 

Dark Templar who has been following Raszagal and has since joined up with the remnants of Auir who warped to Shakuras.  He has been commanded to keep Shakuras safe and after the activating of the Xel-Naga temple stayed on Shakuras to seek out and find prviously known Xel-Naga relics on the planet.  The temple's blast relocated and destroyed many of the relics that Shovonok previously was put in charge of protecting.  Recentley he has travled to Bel'Shir for unknown reasons.



Species: Protoss

Age: 212 + 40 + 10 (years existent after merging)

Cheif Temple Gaurd

Hale is a merging of a experineced Templar with a very young Khalai Protoss.  This exotic combination was looked down by some but after the events of BroodWar tolernce levels among Protoss have increased.  Hale was put in charge of construction and gaurd of a temple dedicated to Adun, also to be the resting place of a new Khydarian Crystal formation.



Species: Protoss

Age: 350

Province Protector

Hekouhe has been put in charge in organizing the defence of the different new provinces in a world recently colonized as a Shrine World by the Protoss, becuase of its simmilarity to Auir, called Bel'Shir



Species: Protoss

Age: 400

Province Judicator

Zaria is a long-time frined of Hekouhe and so it was only natural that he go with him to Bel'Shir.  Zaria was appointed a Judicator of one of the provinces and tries to help Hekouhe whenever he can.



Species: Protoss

Age: 436

Shovonok's twin.  Dartilen chose a different path from his brother.  Instead of examining Xel-Naga remnants he chose to be closer to authority.  He was a personal bodygaurd to Raszagal and was on a type of vacation when she was captured.  He regrets this happening, but does not blame himself for her capture and subsiquent death, he is wise enough to know that he would not have made a differnece and probably just would of been slaughtered by the zerg swarm.  Currently he is trying to re-capture a Shakuras moon which was infested by the zerg and because of it's small size has proven difficullt to regain.



Species: Terran

Age: 32

Supreme Allied Commander

Snider is the leader of a group of Terrans that rallied together after the Dominion fell.  He is kindhearted, but able to make tough decisons when necceary.  These qualites are why people picked Snider to lead them.  He only allows people who actually have morals to join his group, as he and his men seek only to exist peacfully.  He met a Protoss battle fleet and instead of blasting it or running like most terrans do Snider made contact.  It became clear to the Protoss that he was no threat and they quickly became allies with each other.  The terms of the alliance are simpel, for each memeber to help the other when needed provided the help is not of outrages nature.

Adun (BETA)

Here I post pictures and stuff about my progress.


I have commited to tweaking my story to fit into the guidelines of a contest hosted on CampaignCreations.  This also is forcing me to polish my Campaign.  I am a bit worried because I used pre-made maps from StarCraft and BroodWar and simply edited everythign but the map's terrain layout, and I think that might disqualify me.  If it does I might spend the time to re-create those maps but I doubt it.  But here is some pics to make you guys happy!


Lol didn't mean for those dates to happen they just did.  Anyway here is the low-down.  I have been busy with school so I have not been updating this, the forum for the contest, or the Campaign itself.  I will start again soon since the deadline is soon anyway :).  I have decided not to do any pictures because I don't have time and they wont be progress pictures since the bulk of the Campaign is done anyway.  By the end of today I will have updated all the maps availabel for download.


Well the contest ends in four more days and I'm on a rush to finish it.  I have been doing a TON of tweaking on it, and today I have spent every momment on it (yes that would be from 10:00 this morning [so i'm a late sleeper SHUT UP!] and it's now 7:37) and I plan to finish the campaign today so I will probably go to sleep around 3:00 tommorow morning (okay so that's not today SHUT UP!), even though I have class tommorow and have an essay to write for it.  I also am writing a story which is my campign in written form and btw that is my final project for my College Compositoin 2 class.  That I will bundle in with the final product.  I also have finished a special scenario which is a bonus mission.  Even though I have really spent alot of time on this I don't think it'll win because so many other people I'm sure are better at making maps than I am.  Also over half of the maps topography I didn't make, I took from already-made maps so I won't get many points in that category (and yes I was honest and told them that they wern't my own, I am not a liar or a deciever).  So that's that.  I will put up the final maps to download as soon as I am done.  Enjoy!  Oh I also updated with a new character.  It's a minor character but one none the less.

I also have to power through the final in the triliogy of Dark Templar books because I hear tell that Ulrezaj's fate is covered in that book, and I need that information for my Epilogue.  I actually have read all of the StarCraft books published thus far, save for the third book in the trilogy and I Mengsk as I am in the process of reading them now.  I read them for reaserch so that my Campaign fits perfectly into the StarCraft universe.

Also mind you that I have gotten alot done today despite the fact that my little cousin is here today (i'm not a huge kid fan, yet somehow they are attracted to me like the same way that Cats are to people that are allergic to them.  Ever noticed that?  It's like somehow cats know who is alergic to them and thus are attracted to them like a tractor beam!  Well my cousin is the same way he wants to play with me and stuff and I dont want to hurt his feelings because that would be wrong.  As a matter of fact today I told him to go away and I felt bad about it.  And of course my newest gaming system (N64 ftw) is in my room so he likes to hang out there.  ANYWAY I digress.  I am in-love with Itunes as it has kept me sane throughout the day today.  So anyway i'll get back to doing my work I finaly have gotten food in me today.  Today my diet was eggs for breakfast and then pretzles all day, so the sub is a welcome treat.  KK I go.


Okay so it's 2:21am and I have got alot acomplished.  All I have to do now is do my project due at school at 9:00 today, and go to school.  Get home, sleep for 8 hours, then play through my campaign and fix any errors that arise.  Then finish the Dark Templar book and then finish my Epilogue.  I decided not to do a short-story for my final english project so I wont add that short story to the package so after I finish the Epilogue I'll update the map downloads and find a place to host a winzip versian with all the maps in one folder.  So right now i'm off to doing my project.  Cheerio.


To my suprize it is light outside.  The sun can't be seen, but its that time of night (or morning as it is proper) where it is getting lighter and and not darker at a ever-increasing speed (ah this time of day doesn't last long enough it gets light way to fast as this twilight is oh so nice).  I have just finished the prologue and epilogue as I have just finished the final book in the Dark Templar trilogy (it is now 5:34 in the morning).  I spent all of yesterday and this morning finishing the book.  Well not all of yesterday.  I also started and fnished An Untilted Story.  It is one day before the due date of my Campaign.  I am finished will just about all of it.  All I have left to do finish playing through the last two levels of my Campaign to make sure there are no errors that arise.  I also have been perplexed at an error that causes my allie in the 2-player versian of the last level to be kicked out after a period of time.  It happens in both internet and local hosting.  I need to fix that too.  But that's it.  I am so happy I have come a far way with this as it's been under construction for litteraly years (but this year especially).  Love when a projects comes together for a good conclusion.  Kk I have class in three hours so I need to do some work for that class.


FINISHED!  Finito!  I have completed the task of which I set out to do.  On the due date no-less.  You can download the the maps on my site here: So enjoy the game and enjoy life!

Future PLANS

I plan to remake this Campaign when StarCraft II comes out.  I also plan on recreating all the orginal Campaign levels, and have a webpage about it here  If you want to help join up!  The site is still under-construction.