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Download - Super Havoc World-demo (SMC)

Download - Super Havoc World-demo (IPS)


I know this doesn't have anything to do with StarCraft, but I spend over half-a-year developing this.  This is a mod of Super Mario World.  To play it you will have download a SNES Emulator such as ZSNES.

The Rom Hack is pretty much finished.  Every level is finished and polished and I have played through them all several times (believe me!  I spent about a year creating this, I've played it threw a few times).  It's still a demo because i'm open to making changes if I see people review it and they make a good sugestion.  I am also aware that the event tiles for the overworld are not perfected and that the castles dont get destroyed, and the message boxes that display the image for the Switch Palace.  These are all minor things that I will fix after I get a few reviews in.

The Rom Hack starts off with a completley redsigned overworld!  The first world is more hard than fun but from the first castle foward it get's a TON more fun.  Don't get frustrated and give up on the first World!  There are a few times when you are not allowed to use save states (whenever you see a half-way point).  If the player does use save states the level becomes less fun and/or challenging.  The story line is unique and creative and it takes shape after the first castle.  There is a bonus area (screen shot) that if you figure out how to get to will give you the ability to skip giant parts of the game, but you will lose story line doing so.  Feel free to review, I welcome it and after I get back all the feed-back I will release the final versian (but like I said the few things to change are mostly minor graphical stuff).  ENJOY!


Taking after many games I have added achievments for my rom hack.

To get credit for an acheievment send me a video of you completing the acheivment.  During the video you should be hitting "save state" every once in a while so that I know it's not a tool-assited video.  I know there is probably still ways to fool me into thinking you did something without save-states when you really did but I'm just going to work off of the honor system.  For the acievment "Power Overwhelming" send me screenshots of each overworld with all the levels cleared (I know that you can't backtrack once you enter the bonus area so just take a screen shot of that area with all the levels cleared) and also show me a screen shot of the Thank You screen (the last thing you see before the screens show up naming the enemies).


Name Of Achievment


Point Value

People Who Completed It

 Sea Captain Beat the level "Bowser's Navy" without using save states, slowdowns, or rewinds after you reach each half-way marker. 50 

 Air Raider

 Beat the level "Bowser's Air Force" without using save states, slowdowns, or rewinds. 40 
 Super Mario Beat the level "BOWSER'S CASTLE" without using save states, slowdowns, or rewinds at all (not even at the half-way markers). 30 
 Mario Killer Killer Kill all four Mario Killers in their orginal castles without using save states, slowdowns, or rewinds after you reach the half-way maker. 25 TheProgramer
 General Ourumov Beat the level "Bowser's Artillery" without using save states, slowdowns, or rewinds. 20 
 Cross Country Beat the level "Back and Forth" without using save states, slowdowns, or rewinds after each half-way point. 20 
 Power Overwhelming Beat every level. 15 TheProgramer
 Tetris Master Beat the level "Tetris" without hopping on a 'fishing boo'. 15 
 Status-Quo Beat the level "BOWSER'S CASTLE" without using save states, slowdowns, or rewinds after you reach each half-way marker. 10 TheProgramer
 Marathon Man Beat the level "Halo" without using save states, slowdowns, or rewinds. 10 
 Ice Chipper Beat the level "Glacier Betsy" without using save states, slowdowns,  or rewinds. 10 
 Black Sheep Wall Beat the level "The Ninth Plauge" without turning on the lights at all! 10 TheProgramer
 TOTAL 255 


Screen Shots