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SUPER Battleship

Hey guys, this is a game I made in highschool, just a sooped-up game of battleship.  Hope you guys enjoy it.  I have the file here for you to download - 2 pages, meant to be printed on the back of each other.  I also have the image just here too if you don't feel like downloading the file.  The document is a .docx not a .doc so you will have to have the newest version of Microsoft Word to open the file.  I also intened on programming this as a game for you to play with a friend (or maybe i'll program in AI) but I will finish this probably in my Senior year which is far away from now.






I lost the pictures I had of the Beta version of Super Battleship.  Some differences were the rules were changed, the most radically was the "Laser" as I found it cumbersome to count the number of turns (the old rule was after a certain amount of turns you could fire the laser).

To get out of Beta I did the following: Another ship was added to make the board to ship saturation closer to that of the orginal game (17%) this version was only saturated 11.8% but with the addition of the "Super Battleship" saturation increased to 13.8%.  And with the special abilities I found this to be an appropriate saturation level.  I also added the word "super" to the title and adjusted the battleship title to fit into printable area.  I added the letters to the right side of the grids also.  I contemplated putting a thing for you to checkoff when you use your abilites to keep track of them but I figured it wasn't worht trying to get the room on the front page.


This is the first time this game was conceived.  I made it on a piece of graph-paper and it was made just to past time in a certain class *cough* Accounting *cough*.  Umm it pretty much is the same as a the Beta version save for visuals.