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Hello all.  I thought I might clue you into what I am undertaking.  I am making a custom StarCraft chess set.  It won't be for a LONG while but it is coming.  Here's a little about what's going to happen.  I plan to make 1 version for myself, 1 version for Blizzard, and possibly one version to sell.  If it becomes demanded at all I'll make even more.


1. I am comissioning someone to build the board.  The board will have the nomral square symmetry and around the playing field square will be terrain consisting of the rubble of a MIssle Turret, some creep, and possible some destroyed units.

2. I will be building, with the help from a friend, a thing for the board to sit on.  It will be box-like and it will have drawers to contain the chess pieces.

3. I will be buying the SC Board Game and will paint the pieces much like this.  All three races will be playable and there will be a Ground and Air version of each race, and a Brood War set up for each race.  Also possible enough pieces to have the same race vs itself.

4. Piece Configuration (of course players will be encouraged to make their own combinations).

 Pawn Zergling Zergling Zergling
 Rook Ultralisk Guardian Infested Terran
 Knight Hydralisk Hydralisk Lurker
 Bishop Defiler Mutalisk Devourer
 Queen Mutalisk Ultralisk Mutalisk/Ultralisk
 King Guardian Defiler Guardian/Defiler
 Pawn Marine Marine Marine
 Rook Tank Battlecruiser Tank/Battlecruiser
 Knight Goliath Goliath Valkarie
 Bishop Vulture Wraith Vulture/Wraith
 Queen Ghost Ghost Medic
 King Battlecruiser Firebat Battlecruiser/Firebat
 Pawn Zealot Zealot Zealot
 Rook Reaver Carrier Corsair
 Knight Dragoon Dragoon Dark Archon
 Bishop Templar Scout Dark Templar
 Queen Archon Archon Archon
 King Templar Arbiter Templar/Arbiter