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Why am I making this page?  I don't really know.  You see this was my first experience with StarCraft and it was interesting.  Imagine that your first experience, was a laggy, bad graphical, version of StarCraft, where you had to UNLOCK CHEATS!  Of course there were some good points, 18 person selectablity, control scheme was the best for a console RTS ever.  But there were major differences so here they are, this will help you imagine how wonder-shocked I was when I first got StarCraft for the PC.

Leg Work

Okay first off I have this which I credit way to http//


Go to their site for even more stuff about SC64.  What I've done is taken alot of what the wrote and put it in this wonderfull table just for you.  First is SC64, second is SCPC


 Name of Unit  Hit Points Cost (Minerals/Gas) Attack (Ground/Air) Supply
 Command Center 1500 400/0 n/a 
 Refinery 500 100/0 n/a n/a
 Supply Depo 350 100/0 n/a 8
 Barracks 1000 150/0 n/a n/a
 Engineering Bay 850 125/0 n/a n/a
 Academy 600 150/0 n/a n/a