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Crysis is a awsome game.  And I have found alot of Easter Eggs, unforutnaly there is no place on the web where they are all cataloged in one place.  Where here is my responce, all of the easter eggs on one convient page!  Enjoy.

Warhead expansion of the easter-egg page is complete!  The Warhead Easter-Eggs have red maps instead of green, and feature red text.

Radio Messages

Level: Contact

Location: Behind the Command Post is a building and it's in the small kitchen.

Description: This audio file talks about the Island and the Korean's excuse for invading it.


Here is the audio file from radio #1:









                                                                                Nice view.



Level: Recovery

Location: Against the shack, on a table, on the beach north of the Village.

Description: This audio file talks about how the good ol' U. S. of A. is getting diplomatically involved.


Here is the audio file from radio #2: 









        How come none of the water bottles are ever full?  If I learned anything from this game its that Koreans are thirsty.




Level: Relic

Location: In the Village right before the excavation site, on the balcony of a shack that overlooks the water, next to the boathouse.

Description: This audio file talks about how the U.S.A. is apply military personell to the problem, and how this has become a global issue.  Also explains why there are so many bannanas on the Island.


Here is the audio file from radio #3.







                 Again, a really nice view.  Once I even took a snap shot of this with a helicopter in it, it was awsome! 




Level: Awakening

Location: From the beginning take the left path not the train-track path.  In the first village you come across the radio will be in the L-Shaped building that contains a cafeteria and a kitchen, in the kitchen.

Description: Just some info about the status of the war in the Islands.  Nothing that great except surprise surprise the Koreans don't like the United States getting involved.


Here is the audio file from Radio #5:







There is another radio in the village but it doesn't do anything, if you shoot it it explodes instead of smoking like the others.




Level: Core

Location*: In front of you and to the right, right when you start is a large rock, it's behind that rock.

Description: This audio file talks about how the General you just killed, was killed.  HOW THE HECK HAVE THEY FIGURED THAT OUT SO FAST?  Something tells me they have a link to Nomad's video output.  Stupid reporters, just when you start to like Andrew Jones.


Here is the audio file from Radio #6:







                                                                  Stupid aliens with their invasions. 




Level: Exodus

Location: In a shack right next to where the VTOL lands at the end of the level.

Description: This audio file talks about the giant sphere you just got out of.  They figured out when you killed the general in  a cave where no one could figure out that that happened, I would of been surprised if the press didn't see this giant shpere of ice-death.  It's the size of Manhatten for crying-out-loud!

Here is the audio file from Radio #7:





                   I love using the hammer to kill people!  I mean I am not disturbed in the head. . . really I'm not.




Level: Call me Ishamel

Location: In the "Lagoon" building which is one of the first buildings you will come by, and is the same building as pictured in the level's loading screen.

Description: The one of only three radios in Warhead.  And as such it is longer than any other one in Crysis.


Here is the audio file from Radio #W1:





                                                        HEY!  I've seen that magazine before.




Level: Shore Leave

Location: After fending off the attacks on the stranded VTOL go to the beach and walk along it untill you come across a shack.  Inside near the window is the radio.

Description: More stuff about the dead guy.


Here is the audio file from Radio #W2:









                                                     Nice view if it wasn't for the run-down walls.



Level: Shore Leave

Location: In one of the huge warehouses at the docks at the end of the level.  It's in the middle of the floor on a crate.

Description: This is the same radio transmission as the previous one in this mission.  It says nothign differnet it's just naother chance to find this radio.


Here is the audio file from Radio #W2:








                                                  Don't ask my why they did it twice, they just did.




Level: All the Fury

Location: In the building adjacaent and connected to the radio tower, in the kitchen there is a table on the right side of the door from where you enter it.

Description: The FINAL RADIO!  I am so done with finding these darn things.


 Here is the audio file from radio #W3:









                                Okay, so this may be one of the radio locations that doesn't present a nice view.




 Here is a Video I made with all the Crysis radio transmissions in order.



Here is a Video I made with all the Crysis:Warhead radio transmissions in order.


*This level does not allow the map to be used.

Hidden frogs

Level: Call Me Ishmael

Location: After completing the objective, "Join up with Sierra airstrike team" swim east untill you reach a small island.  On the island is a campsite, you'll find the first frog ontop of a crate there.

Description: There is a frog on a red book hidden in each of the levels and if you find all seven you get a bonus during the final cutscene.  You must pick them all up in one save round which means if you load a save from another runthrough it won't count towards your frogs.  You may load any save from your runthrough as long as you collect them all during that single walkthrough.  After you collect your first frog you will hear Psycho say "It's Kàlmàn, I found him!", so if you hear that during a level that is not the first that means you had done somthing wrong (such asloaded a save from another run-through).  Every additional frog you collect you will hear him say, "Well...," and the last one you collect you will hear him say, "Oi! *Nutbud! Back to work!"  After you pick up a frog and drop/throw it, it will explode.




                         Mhmm.  Frogs on a pike, sounds good.  By the way can you spot the 2nd frog on a pike?




Level: Shore Leave

Location: After fending off the attacks on the stranded VTOL go to the beach and walk along it untill you come across a shack.  This is the same shack where you find the radio.  Outside the shack on the shore is a overturned boat.  Hit the boat with your fists to move it because under it is the frog.

Description: After picking up this frog you should hear, "Well..."  And seriously who the heck would htink to look here?










                                                  Sneaky sneaky frog, hiding under that boat.




Level: Adapt or Perish

Location: After loosing sight of Lee the seacond time, when you come across Koreans fighting an Exo-Skeleton, go to the right of them and up a small path to a bar.  In the right bathroom of the bar you will find this frog on the toilet.

Description:  After picking up this frog you should hear, "Well..."










                                         Hey, even frogs have to go the bathroom to you know.




Level: Frozen Paradise

Location: At the mining facility jump onto the South-West most building.  Fall down the south face of this builidng onto a balcony, the frog will be on a weapon crate.

Description: After picking up this frog you should hear, "Well..."











                Well at you little cute froggy.  How did you get all the way up here?  Your just lost aren't you.  Awww.




Level: Below the Thunder

Location**: When you go up the leevaotr instead of walkign out of it jump ontop of it and go through the vents.  At the only dead-end of the vent you will see the frog.

Description: When you reach the frog he will cloak.  Cool huh?  After picking up this frog you should hear, "Well..."











                             Fashion magazine know about the nano suit, Koreans have them, now even the frogs

                                               are getting them!  It's offically not a seceret anymore.




Level: From Hell's Heart

Location: After you head through the seacond tunnel (including the first one) get off the train and the one that has been next to you should stop right outside the tunnel.  Get on top of the train and face the tunnel.  The frog will be ontop of a ledge above the tunnel.

Description: You'll have to do a running strength jump to get to the frog to pick him up.  After picking up this frog you should hear, "well..."









                                                  He's got a front-seat view to our plight.  Cool. 




Level: All the Fury

Location: In the building adjacent and connected to the radio tower, in the kitchen there is three fridges lined up against a wall.  Open up the middle one and you will find the frog on the top shelf.  In the same location as the radio for this level.

Description: This frog is the final frog!  After picking up this frog you should hear, "Oy!  *Nutbud!  Back to work."  Proceed beating this level and during a small part of the final cutscene the container will be replaced with a giant frog.  When O'Neil puts his hands up against the container to look in, instead he puts his hands on the frog and the frog responds by cloaking.








                          Aww the poor guy's frozen.  That's okay, he probalby deserved to die a horrible death.



                                   All that for less than 30 seaconds of reward.  That's Rubbish you muppet! 


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*I just can't make out that word (the word in ittalics) so I just tried to phonetically spell it out.

**This level does not allow the map to be used.

***I hear-tell that there is a radio I missed between Radio 3 and Radio 4.  If you guys can find it and send me a message telling me where it is I'll belive it, otherwise I don't.

'Crysis Turtle' and the smoking gaurd

Level: Awakening

Location: Immediatley after starting the level head to your right and follow the tracks, the turtle will be near the smoking gaurd.

Description: Not much of an Easter-Egg but something interesting none-the-less.  The 'Crysis Turtle', as it has come to be affectionaly called, is barley found in any other levels (one of them is at the beginning of "Contact").  Some have speculated that the reason for the turtle is to draw attention to the gaurd who can be found smoking, which is one of many activities that some of the other gaurds do (other activites include urinating, eating, stretching, sleeping, resting on the ground with their hands on the back of their head, siting, and washing walls, cars, and vehicles).  A second reason that some have said is that since the turtle is unstable (sometimes it doesnt appear and it will cause you to load another level and then 'Awakening' all over again to get it to show up) it was just a place to display it, instead of litering the other levels with a buggy creature/code, though it was found in other maps during the Beta (just as glitchy as it is in the final version).  He is found in Warhead with the frog on the red book in level 2, among other places.




                    The 'Crysis Turtle's' activites include eating, walking, and trying to cross the rail-road tracks.


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Level: Recovery

Location: In the HQ building on the second floor wher the computer room is, in a corner behind a cabinet is a golf trophy.

Description: The Trophy reads "15th Annual Lancaster Championship 1st Place."  It is one of two mentions of golfing.











                  Unfortunatley the item is not pick-up-able which is interesting given the nature of the game.




Level: Reckoning

Location: In the Captains Room near the soda machine.

Description: Still a mystery if someone at Crytek liked golf (I believe we can assume so as there are 2 golf Easter-Eggs in the game) but regardless here is a whole assortment of golf-related items.  As an interesting note the golf-club is a weapon and can be used through the sandbox editor.  According to users the golfclub, once picked up, appears on the player's 3rd person model, shadow, and registers as something different from other weapons in the ammo counter, but when the player switches to another weapon, the golfclub disappears untill another one is picked up.  When held, there's no animation for swinging the club, although noise occurs, and no damage is dealt to AI in the process.  The "Golfclub.xml" is hidden in the "\Scripts\Entities\Items\XML\Weapons" folder.






 *From left to right the trophys read:

"Carver Open 2009 1st place"; (can't read it);  "(something something) Champisnohip 200(5) 1st place";  "15th Annual Lancaster Championship 1st place";  "(something something) 3rd Annual Golf Tournament July, 2(5th) 2012 1st place" 

No, that wasn't a mistake it really says 2012, perhaps one of the guys who made this belives in that whole Aztec-end-of-the-world stuff.  Yeah in my opinion, let's not put our belives in a group of people who were wiped out by blankets.

Also if any of you would like to use the editor and put these trophys somewhere you could read them I would appreciate it.




Level: Call Me Ishmael

Location: In the Hotel at the very end of the level.

Description: Here is that golf-fetish again.  The crystal trophy in picutre says the same as in the orginal game.  The gold cup trophy doesnt say anything but I assume it is golf related, its found in a room nearly adjacent to this one, just right across the hall.










      And the golf-clubs can be picked up and used as any other object, not exaclty a weapon-object, but still useable.

                          I finially found a weapon I like killing Koreans with that is better than the hammer!



                      The gold-trophy is now pick-up-able, interesting that it wasn't in the orginal game.


 I think this is golf-related.  If not oh well, sue me.  Wait, no pelase don't.  Ah, go ahead, all you'll get is a bunch of debt.

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*The trophys are hard to read since you can only see them during a time whree u can't use anything to zoom in.  Anything I couldn't read and had to guess on will be in parenthesees.

Fashon Magazine

Level*: Relic

Location*: In a building in the village before the Excavatioin Site.

Description: The magazine reads, "Future Fashon - Next Gen Supersuit."  It's kinda funny because suposedly the suit is a secret, but we have seen the koreans have the suit and even a fashon magazine has found out about it.


As a side note: 

There are alot of Newspapers that talk about what is happening in the game, there in just about any level but there is a ton in level "Recovery".  One of them says, "It's not a Crysis yet," which is an obvious throw to the game's name.  These arn't really easter-eggs but just good detail added by the game's creators.  There are ALOT of those in the game and it has been hard drawing the line between Easter-Egg and good detail.  The magazine and newspapers are also found in Crysis: Warhead.




                            Apparently the Koreans choose to have english literature around them.

*magazines and newspapers are found in many levels almost every level in fact but here is just one location where you can find a magazine.

Air Traffic

Level: Assault

Location: In the first building on your right that you come to, at the beginning of the level.

Description: In said building there is a radio which you can use and by using it you can hear some chatter from the planes.


Here is the audio file from the chatter:










                                             One of thoses dudes sounds weird, yet strangley familiar.

Jet Labels

Level: Reckoning

Location: As soon as the level starts the planes are around you, look right under the cockpit windows.

Description: Under the cockpit windows are the names of their pilots, including the planes that land and fly away.  The names of the plane's pilots are as follows by plane number:

301- Capt. Chris "CJ" Auty CO

302- CDR Marton "Marcika" Seliga XO

303- CDR Harry "Deadline" Seely

304- LCDR "Dina" Gair

305- LT Magnus "505" Larbrant

306- LTJG Steven "Bushwick" Bender

307- LT Jack "Palex" Mamab

309- LTJG Tony "Blagger" McColgan

                                                                                     311- ENS Gregor "Scrutch" Kopka

The most notable of these names is "Capt. CJ Auty CO"  It seems on the forums to spark the most interest, because Christopher Auty is found in the credits under the Title Game Design and sub-title Multiplayer Lead Designer.  There are two planes with the label 306 on the ship, and the planes that land and take off are always labeled 306.  Apparently steven was cloned, or had infinite brothers of the same name, rank, and call sign.  Not sure which one is more plausable.  No these are not (with the exception of plane 301) really easter-eggs but are just good-detail but I felt like writing them down anyway, so deal with it.




                  You can see the name right under the window.  It was a AWSOME detail for the programers to add

                                              that the planes take off and land.  SO FREAKING SWEET!



       Hey!  Badowsky... that's familiar (look in the background of the credits and if you still can't figure it out scroll down)

Radio Music

Level: Core

Location*: After you get past the large room with several generators that you have to blow up you will soon find a room with stuff from the outside where Nomad will say, "Looks like they've been gathering objects from outside."  In the left group of objects will be the radio.

Description: It's just a radio that plays music that quickly loops.  This sometimes glitches and you will have restart the level (by loading another level then the first save of "Core") to get it to appear or make noise.


Here is the audio file from the radio:






                                                              What kind of music is this?  Rock?




Level: Below the Thunder

Location*: When you get out of the elevator shaft if you take the ait-shafts the radio will be right next to you on a table when you fall down. 

Details: It's just a radio that plays a looped soundtrack of a apparently bootleg recording of a bad band, that some people have called country.  Yeah, okay.


Here is the audio file from the radio:








                         Yeah they have trouble getting the precussion to be invloved about half-way through.


*This level doesn't allow the map to be used.

Fozen Head

Level: N/A

Location: If you extract your textures.pak file, you will find this under "alien_level_texture\chamber_small".  The file is called "".

Description: Obviously the file was never used in the game, but perhaps this is evidence that the ship level was going to be even creepier.  Whether this is a Easter-Egg or not is to be debated but I thought it was worth a mention.



                           I havn't comfirmed this yet, and have taken someone's word for it that it is there.


Level: Multiple

Location: Multiple

Description: Badowsky is one of the memembers of the reaserch team and a co-partner of the BSW group (the B standing for his name).  Badowsky is actually a Dev and you can see his name in the credits, under the Title Game Design, and sub-title Level Designer.



                                                           There is Auty too!



                                                     What a mouth on that one.


                                                                      Creative name, NOT!



Level: Frozen Paradise 

Location: Right before you exit the ice-tunnel in pursuit of the package, go to your right and up a ledge, soon you will see Scrat in the ice to your right.  Since this is so difficult to explain I added a video-walkthrough to the related content.

Description: Kinda clever if you think about it, it's an ice-cave like was in Ice-Age, seems only logical to put Scrat in there.  Funny little guy can't get his acorn even in Cryis: Warhead.









                                  Poor guy looks so cold.  But he's funny so that makes his plight okay.


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Baby Photo

Level: Call me Ishmael

Location: In the hotel at the very end of the level.

Description: I still am not sure which person in the credits these children belong to, if you have any idea please tell me.  Though I did find a section of the credits called "" that could pertain to the picture.










                                                Well at least their cute, un-like some babies I know.


                                  So my guess is these babie's names are either Mimi, Erik, Zita, or Nora.


Level: Call me Ishmael

Location: On the cirlce-shaped island to the right of the level.

Description: A circle of stones that clearley resemble stonhenge.


As a side note:

I was unable to view this.  It has been well documented on the forums and in videos but I am just unable to see it.  I was not able to jump up the rocks, while others claim they were able to, and when I used devmode to fly overe there I found everythign there except the stones!  But I did find the turtle so that made up for it :).  The screen captures are from other people.






                                                                       Here is a close up view.



                                                       Here is a arial view (taken with devmode).

Crysis Weapons

Level: Any

Location: On the SCAR.

Description: Take a look at your weapon and you will see that is was actually made by "CRYTEK Precision Industries LTD" CRYTEK of course made Crysis if you didn't know.



                                     This screen capture was taken by another person, by the way.


Level: All the Fury

Location: In the top right of the quadrent E5, behind some buidlings.

Description: Eric Lagel's name is in the credits under the Title "Additoinal Employees of Crytek in Frankfurt, Budapest and Kiev."  Some have said that he is the producer of multiplayer.











                                                                    Interesting looking bricks.



                                                                     This list is freaking long!